Input Field

Input fields allow users to enter user input. Typically they are used within forms, search boxes, to send messages and more.


Example of an input field

Example screenshot of textbox layers and group


  • An input field should be a group that contains a Rectangle that represents its container.
  • (Optional) Can contain Text representing a label.
  • (Optional) Can contain Text representing a placeholder.

Example of Input structure

Example label placeholder


  • Any styles of the container (Rectangle), such as background, border, corner radius, etc. will be translated into code.
  • Any text styles applied to the optional label and placeholder will be also translated into code.

Naming and Grouping

  • All the elements within the input component should be contained within a group with a name that contains input.
  • Label text should contain the word label in its name.
  • Placeholder text should contain the word placeholder in its name.

Example of How Label and Placeholder looks on the frontend

Example label placeholder