About us

1. ImagineThis V2: Rapid no-code application builder

Developing a mobile application is a time-consuming and manual process. Projects often require many weeksof development from their prototyping phase before a usable application is produced.

We propose the ImagineThis tool, which takes anannotated high-fidelity prototype of a mobile user interface (UI) designed in Figma and converts it into codethat can run on both iOS and Android. We achieved this by developing a Figma file parser, that iterates throughall layers of the Figma file, identifies components and extracts data. Then we use this information to feed intoour code generation algorithms, which output a complete React-Native project that can be compiled and runon both mobile platforms.

Demo Link: https://youtu.be/dLMVbuOB5FA

2. Sponsor

Prof. Joseph Anthony Connor, NHS

3. Supervisors

Dr. Dean Mohamedally, Dr. Emmanuel Letier, University College London

4. Teaching assistants

Binghao Chai

5. Contributors

Version 2 Team

MSc Software Systems Engineering programme (UCL), working on this project as part of COMP0102 in 2020-2021 cohort.

Denoy Hossain, Karish Singh, Lukas Cerny, Rui Zhou, Zhongyuan Li, Xin Deik Goh

Version 1 Team

MSc Software Systems Engineering programme (UCL), Industrial Project, Summer 2020

Chuyao Liu, Jeremy Chang, Yiding Xue, Yiren Zhang, Yutong Wang, Vojtech Adam

Industry Exchange Network for the NHS